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As 2011 comes to an end, many people make their annual New Year’s Resolutions.  You know, those promsises you make to yourself usually with no real expectation of keeping them and almost certainly without a real roadmap to achieve them.  We say we’re going to “Work Smarter, Not Harder” or “I will take better care of myself” or “I will learn something new this year” or the ever popular “I’m going to lose weight this year”.  All admirable goals to be sure, but there is one problem.  Most people make these promises to themselves without any plan of how to achieve them.

2012 looks like it will offer up wonderful opportunities for those people ready to take advantage of them.  As part of that group, I have spent the last half of 2011 surrounding myself with people who have some of the same general goals and most certainly those who have already achieve similar goals to mine so that I can learn from those who have actually “Done”, not just those who talk or teach about achieving goals without ever having achieved those goals themselves.

I, along with some very determined friends, have made a solid commitment to Plan, Visualize and Execute on a year-long marathon of goals to be achived one step at a time, much like an actual marathon to be trained for, focused on and completed.  Having been instructed by recent marathon runner, Kevin Bracy, the following are my steps to keep in mind when training for my 2012 goals marathon:

  • Keep calm and relaxed
  • Have confidence in my preparation
  • Run my race at my own pace (don’t compare myself to anyone else)
  • Keep my reason (my WHY) on the top of my mind
  • Keep my body fueled and hydrated
  • Keep a strong frame (don’t show weakness)

In addition, I have committed to increase my reading.  Although I love reading, I will be spending more of my reading time on more subject specific topics.  Reading about those who have achieved the goals I am trying to achieve myself.  I will also utilize my driving time by listening to CDs instead of irritating my brain with mindless radio commercials.

Lastly, I will be setting a very strict schedule for myself to accomplish all my goals.  No longer will I “hope” to get everything done because, as we all know, hope is not a strategy.  Goals must be measured in order to be effective.  Setting daily, weekly and monthly goals is great but if you don’t review your accomplishments you may as well not even bother.  Measuring your goals and the steps you are taking to achieving them is an extremely important part toward reaching your goals.

I challenge everyone to find one thing that they wish to achieve in 2012 and lay a DETAILED plan to reach that goal.  It doesn’t have to be a large goal, just something you’re passionate about.