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Congratulations to my Saints for pulling out a close one against the Titans.

Unfortunately my first loss of the day come at the hands of the the Detroit Lions who handed my Vikings their second loss in as many weeks. So much for my hopes of having an all-4-teams-win weekend

The Raiders experienced a heart wrenching, although not totally unexpected whopping with the final score of 46-16 after scoring a safety and another touchdown late in the game.

Almost time for my Cowboys to take on the New York Giants, who have come into Cowboy stadium to try and take my boys down. I think if we can keep our coach for sabotaging the team again, we have a great chance to beat Eli Manning and company. Details to follow!!


The Dallas Cowboys disappointed for the second week in a row. This weeks loss was heartbreaking and avoidable. The Cowboys had a two score lead late in the game and only needed to defend their score. I’ve heard of the Cowboys December curse – or meltdown. Well it is December isn’t it. So disappointed.