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Monday update … Sigh!!! My Cowboys, where do I even start? Jason Garrett “stands behind his decisions” a decision which undisputedly cost the Cowboys a game they should have – and would have – won had it not been for his somewhat idiotic decision to call a timeout at the games most crucial moment, the moment when his kicker was kicking the game-winning field goal. We’ve all seen this tactic of course but it usually comes from the other teams coaching staff in order to rattle the kicker on the field. For Garrett to kill a field goal and rattle his OWN kicker makes me want to probie-slap him, especially when he declares he would do it again in the same situation. Really?

The one and only bright spot among my weekend’s football disappointments were the New Orleans Saints. Thank you Drew Brees and company. With a final score of 31-17 over the Detroit lions is was able to avoid the always dreaded O-for when none of my teams manage to pull out a single win. I really hate the O-for!!

Let’s put this week to rest and get ready for next week:

Dallas will host the New York Giants

The Vikings will venture into the Detroit Lions den

New Orleans will visit the Titans, and

The Raiders will brave the frozen tundra of Lambeau field

…… Prayers are in order!!! Until next week …