As a girl that doesn’t just love football but actually has not one but 4 teams she follows religiously I feel it only appropriate to chime in with my disappointments of the day.

First of all, what happened to the Raiders (#4 team)? How can you allow the ( 2 – 8 ) Miami Dolphins to score 34 unanswered points before waking up and figuring out there’s a game happening around you?? A little too much party in South Beach?? I keep wondering … What would Al Davis say to such a shameful display??

My Vikings (#3 team) on the other hand, despite losing to the Broncos in overtime, showed true grit this week. Although I’m still disappointed to lose Donovan McNabb as QB, the Vikings looked good against the Broncos, led by newcomer whirlwind Tim Tebow who seems to be unstoppable at the moment, taking his team to 6-1 under his leadership. Congratulations to my friend Sue who has been a Broncos fan since the early days of John Elway.

The Cowboys (#1 team) and the Saints (#2 team) are still coming up……. Comments to follow.

I cherish the one or two weekends a season when all 4 of my teams win. This season I have not yet experienced that pleasure. Listen up gentlemen, the InfoPrincess is looking for some cooperation from you. We are running out of time!!!